The theme of the suite is the growth of consciousness, a growth that develops during the three movements.

The first movement is the representation of solitude as solipsism.
As wandering souls, traces of color travel through an ethereal space, devoid of any reference.
They cross the white fog without finding consolation in the mutual encounter.
They interpenetrate without perceiving each other, completely unaware of the drawing to which they participate.

The second movement focuses on relationship, that is what comes from the discovery of an entity other than ourselves.
In the modulation and transmission of energy through the links between the elements lies the principle of a common and reverberant consciousness.
Space becomes the place of reciprocal confirmation, the place of participation in beauty and affirmation of the multitude.

The third movement is the fulfillment of the journey:
the loneliness in the first movement (me) has gone to the legitimacy and affirmation of the group in the second movement (us).
Now the consciousness rises above the multitude to embrace the entire creation, finding the harmony of universal forces and dynamics where the free spirit indulges in a blissful contemplation-participation.
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